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SMPS - Product Details

SR.No.OrderCodeVoltageCurrentDimension(LXWXH)MMSpecification Sheet
1SSM120312VDC03A83X73X48Download PDF
2SSM120512VDC05A102X76X52Download PDF
3SSM121012VDC10A127X79X59Download PDF
4SSM1215-IA12VDC15A160X81X106Download PDF
5SSM1220-IA12VDC20A187X90X124Download PDF


12 V Standard Power Supply

These 12 VDC Power Supplies are widely used for CCTV, Access Control, DVR and NVR. These are very high performance, high-efficiency Power Supplies.

SMPS Cum Battery Charger

In addition to the standard Power Supplies that are used for CCTV, Access Control and DVR, these 12VDC Battery Charger models have additional feature of charging the battery. These “Battery back – up Power Supplies” are used CCTV and Access Control Systems. These are also popularly called as “Battery Back – Up Power Supplies for CCTV” OR “Battery Back – Up Power Supplies” for Access Control System”. These are also popularly known as “SMPS with Battery Charging option” OR simply “Battery Charger Power Supply”. So even in case of A/C failure recording from CCTV or storage from DVR will continue without any loss of data. In simple words it works like UPS or inverter for CCTV or Access These models are also widely used for Fire Panels, Hooters or Fire suppression systems.

1SSM1203-SMPS-BC12VDC03A102X76X52Download PDF
2SSM1205-SMPS-BC12VDC05A127X79X59Download PDF
3SSM1210-SMPS-BC12VDC10A147X79X59Download PDF
4SSM1215-SMPS-BC-IA12VDC15A187X124X90Download PDF
5SSM1220-SMPS-BC-IA12VDC20A230X123.5X89.5Download PDF
6SSM2403-SMPS-BC24VDC03A127X79X59Download PDF
7SSM2406-SMPS-BC24VDC06A147X79X59Download PDF
8SSM2410-SMPS-BC-IA24VDC10A230X123.5X89.5Download PDF
9SSM2415-SMPS-BC-IA24VDC15A226X151.5X96Download PDF
1SSM1203-SMPS-BCBKEY12VDC03A232X70X201Download PDF
2SSM1205-SMPS-BCBKEY12VDC05A232X70X201Download PDF
3SSM1210-SMPS-BCBKEY12VDC10A232X70X201Download PDF
4SSM1215-SMPS-BCBKEY12VDC15A232X100X245Download PDF
5SSM2403-SMPS-BCBKEY24VDC03A382X70X201Download PDF
6SSM2406-SMPS-BCBKEY24VDC06A382X70X201Download PDF
7SSM2410-SMPS-BCBKEY24VDC10A382X100X245Download PDF
8SSM2415-SMPS-BCBKEY24VDC15A382X100X245Download PDF

SMPS cum Battery charger with Provision to keep battery and with Lock and Key

These are “SMPS cum Battery Chargers are with Enclosure for Battery”. These are “SMPS Power Supply with Battery Charger and enclosure for Battery”. It has additional Lock & Key for protection of Battery.


1SSM2401-AC24VAC01A100X65X65Download PDF
2SSM2402-AC24VAC02A110X95X80Download PDF
3SSM2403-AC24VAC03A112X95X81Download PDF
4SSM2404-AC24VAC04A112X95X81Download PDF
5SSM2405-AC24VAC05A112X95X81Download PDF


A/C Power Supplies

These very high efficiency Power Supplies are used for PTZ Camera. These are manufactured with high insulation copper wire that gives high efficiency and low losses.

1SSM240224VDC02A102X76X52Download PDF
2SSM240324VDC03A102X76X52Download PDF
3SSM240624VDC06A102X76X52Download PDF
4SSM2406-IA24VDC06A153X79X59Download PDF
5SSM2410-IA24VDC10A187X90X124Download PDF
6SSM2415-IA24VDC15A196X96X151.5Download PDF
7SSM2420-IA24VDC20A235X100X195Download PDF

24VDC Standard Power Supplies

These 24 VDC Power Supplies are used for Fire Panels, Hooters, Fire Suppression system. These are also used for very Popular VESDA Panel (Registered Brand of Fire Panels of Honeywell Automation India Ltd). These Power supplies are very High efficiency used for Controllers.


1SSM0503-D05VDC03A46 X 81 X 81.5Download PDF
2SSM0506-D05VDC06A45 X 99 X 104Download PDF
3SSM0510-D05VDC10A45 X 99 X 104Download PDF
4SSM1203-D12VDC03A46 X 81 X 81.5Download PDF
5SSM1205-D12VDC05A45 X 99 X 104Download PDF
6SSM1210-D12VDC10A57 X 127 X 102Download PDF
7SSM241.5-D24VDC1.5A46 X 81 X 81.5Download PDF
8SSM242.1-D24VDC2.1A46 X 81 X 81.5Download PDF
8.1SSM242.1-D-Plus24VDC2.1A46 X 81 X 81.5Download PDF
9SSM244.2-D24VDC4.2A45 X 99 X 104Download PDF
9.1SSM244.2-D-Plus24VDC4.2A45 X 99 X 104Download PDF
10SSM2406-D24VDC06A57 X 127 X 102Download PDF
11SSM2410-D24VDC10A60 X 124×139.5Download PDF
12SSM2420-D24VDC20A95X124X139.5Download PDF
13SSM4801-D48VDC01A46X81X81.5Download PDF
14SSM482.5-D48VDC2.5A57X127X102Download PDF
15SSM4805-D48VDC5A60X139.5X124Download PDF
16SSM486.25-D48VDC6.25A95X124X139.5Download PDF
17SSM487.5-D48VDC7.5A95X124X139.5Download PDF
18SSM4810-D48VDC10A95X124X139.5Download PDF

DIN Rail Mountable Power Supplies

The basic idea of these Power Supplies in international mounting i.e. DIN Rail mounting Power Supply. These are also called as Industrial Grade DIN Rail Power Supply. 24VDC @2.1A, 24VDC @4.2A, 24VDC @6A, 24VDC @10A and 24VDC @20A Power Supplies in DIN rail are very popular models. These are used in Fire Panels, Fire suppression System, Solenoid Valves and Hooters and Programable Logic Controllers or PLC.

Customised Models

We also manufacture Customised models under Micro Power brand for all our regular customers. These models include Power Supply with Potential Free Contact. They are also known as Power Supply with Relay contact. We have also developed “Power Supply with Battery charger and Potential free contact or PFC or Relay Contact”. Another model developed is “Battery Charger Power Supply with MS Enclosure for Battery. We have “12VDC or 24VDC Power Supply with Potential Free Contact” or PFC. The Potential free contacts can be used for A/C main failure or DC failure. With this feature the signal of failure goes to BMS or “Building Control Management System” for monitoring the status of the system. We have also developed Redundant Power Supply. With this model even if one unit fails the other Power Supply will keep the system working. These are mostly used in mission critical application or at important places like Airports, refineries, Railway Station etc.

1SSM1205-SMPS-BC-PFC12VDC05A178.2X100X61.6Download PDF
2SSM1210-SMPS-BC-PFC12VDC10A160X81X106Download PDF
3SSM2405-SMPS-BC-PFC24VDC05A162X100X62Download PDF
4SSM2410-SMPS-BC-PFC24VDC10A226X151.5X96Download PDF
5SSM2406-SMPS-BCBKEY-PFC24VDC06A382X70X221Download PDF
6SSM2410-SMPS-BCBKEY-PFC24VDC10A382X100X221Download PDF
7SSM1205-RD12VDC05A268X192X53Download PDF
8SSM2410-RD24VDC10A327X220X103Download PDF
9SSM2420-RD24VDC20A482.6X118X88Download PDF

Multi – Channel Power Supply for CCTV

These are latest addition to our ever – increasing number of models. These are Multi – Channel Power Supplies for CCTV. These models are also called as “Channel wise Power Supply for Camera” or “4/8/16 channel Camera Power Supply”. There are three models: 1. “12VDC/4 Channel CCTV Power Supply”. 2. “12VDC/8Channel CCTV Power Supply” and 3. “12VDC/16 Channel CCTV Power Supply”.


With our experience of more than two decades we have developed few products to enhance the overall reliability of the entire system. These are surge protectors with very advanced technology. These are also known as Surge suppressor. These are pocket size devices that are used to protect the system from high voltage surges due to instability in A/C mains grid or during thunder storm in rainy season. By using these our main SMPS or Battery Chargers are protected against these high voltage surges or during the instability in A/C mains grid.


1SSM27503-SP275VAC03A38X35X102Download PDF
2SSM27506-SP275VAC06A38X35X103Download PDF
3SSM27515-SP275VAC15A46X45X105Download PDF
43Pin Cord


Under/Over Voltage Protector

These are Under/Over Voltage Protector with very advanced technology. The complete
reliable solution to curtail down voltage fluctuations issues. These are compact size devices that
are used to protect the system from high voltage fluctuations due to instability in A/C mains grid
or during in rainy season. By using these our main SMPS or Battery Chargers are protected
against these high voltage fluctuations or during the instability in A/C mains grid.


1SSM23026-UOVP230VAC26A132 X 113 X50Download PDF


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