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Different Power Supplies are required for different applications in different verticals.


In Industrial Automation, Power Supplies required are typically with output of 24VDC at different current ratings. These are mostly used for PLC. However, in Industrial Automation Battery Chargers are also widely used in AMF and VCB Panels. They have the output voltage of either 12VDC or 24VDC.


Micro Power is a very powerful brand for SMPS, Battery Chargers and DC to DC Converters. We design and manufacture our products for different verticals. Few of them are: Electronic Security and Surveillance (CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm system etc) , Industrial Automation (For PLC application, AMF Panel, VCB Panel, Machine building, Plastic Molding, Food  Processing Machines, Energy monitoring, etc) , Solar and Unconventional Energy, Transmission and Distribution, Transportation infrastructure, Moving LED display, LED Walls etc. In Industrial Automation, We have brand for following products:

  • Standard Panel mountable SMPS
  • DIN rail mountable SMPS DC UPS
  • Battery Chargers for AMF panels (Auto Mains failure), Or Diesel Generator set or DG set. These are also available in different voltages levels like 13.5VDC or 27 VDC at different charging current from 3A to 30A.
  • Diode ORing modules
  • Specially designed battery chargers for VCB
  • SMPS with 110VAC input
  • Battery chargers with PFC
  • DC Power Packs
  • DIN RAIL Power Supplies

 We recently have launched battery chargers for 110VDC @ 4A, 6A and 10A for application in Power Plant.