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Micro Power is a leading brand for  SMPS, Battery Chargers and DC to DC Converters in India. 

It is a result of our strong belief that our strength in Design and Manufacturing provides the motive power that drives Team Sanstar to set new benchmark year after year. We focused on excellence in design, engineering, quality and reliability that yields long term returns to customers, suppliers, employees and promoters.

Industries We Cater

  1. In Electronic Security and Surveillance, we offer the power supply solutions for analogue or IP based CCTV, POE enabled CCTV, Access Control, DVR/NVR, Fire panels. We offer SMPS battery chargers, A/C Power Supply, POE switches and its accessories, Battery chargers etc.
  2. In Industrial Automation
    we offer our products to AMF panel, VCB panel, Textile, food, plastic moulding machine manufacturers, Energy monitoring, Transmission and distribution etc. We offer standard Panel mounting, DIN rail mounting SMPS, DC UPS, Diode ORing and battery chargers.
  3. In Telecom we offer wide range of isolated DC to DC converters and telecom rectifier. We have around 15 different models in isolated DC to DC Converters.
  4. Solar and Wind Energy: In this we offer DC to DC converters and DIN rail power supplies for string monitoring system.

Our Products

We design and manufacture our products for different verticals.
Some of are as follows:

  1. Electronic Security and Surveillance (CCTV,Access Control,Fire Alarm system etc).
  2. Industrial Automation(PLC application ,AMF Panel ,VCB Panel, Machine building,Plastic Molding, Food  Processing Machines, Energy monitoring etc).
  3. Solar and Unconventional Energy
  4. Transmission and Distribution
  5. Transportation infrastructure
  6. Moving LED display
  7. LED Walls

We have
Sales offices/Dealers/Distributors at: Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore,
Kolkata, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot.

Office: Nagpur.